Private classes can be at any location. 

 Contact me for scheduling and rates. 
​You can write me here, or call me at 310-826-6958
Are you dealing with an injury or a condition that limits mobility?  

Are you beginning a yoga practice, and don't want to be in a public class?  

Or are you an advanced yogi wanting to deepen your practice, or learn the minute details of some poses?

Would  you prefer your yoga class to be at a time that is more convenient for you?  

For any of these reasons, consider a private session or series of private sessions with me.  

​I specialize in adapting yoga to meet your needs, with safety and comfort.  

​If you love Beach Yoga, we can arrange to do it on the beach.  Your home or mine are also options.  

Especially on the beach, you can share your private class with as many family, friends, or colleagues as you wish.   

Private Yoga Classes -- at your home, or on the beach, or at my home

Are you looking for a special way to celebrate a birthday, milestone, or an anniversary of any kind?  

Might it just be that you'd like to learn yoga and treat yourself well?
​It’s time for a private yoga class!  

Private Yoga