Mr. Keimach has lectured on topics musical, operatic, and symphonic all over Southern California. 

These are multi-media presentations, richly illustrated with rare historical video.


Presentations include:

Bernstein on Broadway
A "guided tour" through Leonard Bernstein's legacy on the Great White Way, including "On The Town,"  "Wonderful Town," "Candide," and of course, "West Side Story."  This is an exciting, fast-paced visit with the Broadway music of America's own Wunderkind.

Four Jewish Composers in America
This is a moving tribute to Gustav Mahler, who was music director of the New York Philharmonic and also conducted at the Metropolitan Opera;  George Gershwin, who graced stage and screen with his brilliant melodies and harmonies;  Aaron Copland, the "dean" of American music whose scores seemed to capture the "American" sound; and Leonard Bernstein:  composer, pianist, teacher, conductor extraordinaire, who deeply influenced everyone whose lives he touched.

Ode to Freedom
Beethoven's final symphony, originally named "Ode to Joy," took on a greater historical impact in a spellbinding performance in 1989 as the Berlin Wall fell.  Leonard Bernstein gathered musicians from East and West Germany, and from the Allies:  U.S., Britain, France, and Russia, and led a performance of this greatest of all symphonies. "Under the authority of the moment," Bernstein changed the word "Freude" (joy) to "Freiheit" (freedom).  We will watch this historic performance, captured on DVD, in its entirety.

Class, Race and Politics in Opera
This lecture examines the explosive and divisive aspects of social class distinction, racial tensions, and political intrigue in Western Society.  We explore:  Mozart's MARRIAGE OF FIGARO, and see how and why this "people's opera" impacted and inspired the French people to bring the monarchy to its knees; Verdi's OTELLO, in which interracial marriage lays the groundwork for one of the most tragic betrayals in all of theater; and Puccini's TOSCA, in which a passionate love story, triple deception, violence, torture, and murder combine to create a dramatic tour-de-force that is spine-tingling in its tragic conclusion.  All of these operas will be viewed in whole or in part with English subtitles.  By the end of the lecture, we will all come to understand how global issues can deeply affect individual lives on an intimate level.

Other Workshop topics include:
The Mahler Symphonies
The Beethoven Symphonies
Writing and Performing Solo Theater
What The ^%$#*&^%  Was I Thinking?

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